Do You Have A Special MakeUp Moments with Mom


Wow watching this video made me tear up! To see how close Goldie and Kate our is so touching! They really seem to have a fabulous mother-daughter relationship and have made life long memories together! If you haven’t watched the video, I suggest watching it, like I said it is so sweet, and real!

Do you have your own MakeUp Moments with Mom? If you do, you might want to enter the Almay win a Trip to NYC on their Faceobok Page. You can sign up, and then share your memorable moment of watching your mom do her makeup or what stood out, that you still remember to this day. Then if you win you get to take yourself and your mom to NYC for a makeover and more! It sounds like such a great prize!

 I don’t have any moments like that with my mother, not sure I ever watched her put makeup on my whole life. I learned doing my makeup by trial and error. I also had my sister Natasha as I got older showing me tips and tricks, and now I am a huge You Tube watcher, so I can learn things I never knew. I guess for me I really wasn’t that close to my mom, my parents divorced when I was younger and I stayed living with my dad for most of my life, and then moved out on my own later. I really wish I had those special moments like Kate Hudson talks about in the video! I know my husband and I were to have a baby girl, I would make sure to have those moments with her, and teach her what I know.

So, I am curious do you have memories like Kate Hudson did about her mom, Goldie? Or are you like me and never had that special moment with your mom? If you enter the giveaway that Almay has going on, good luck!!



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  1. I don’t have any awesome moments like that either but I certainly admire their relationship!

  2. I don’t have makeup moments, per say, we have had a lot more cooking moments together. :)

  3. I did watch my mother apply what make-up she wore, when I was young and as a teenager. I even sometimes watch her now, as I sit on the bed and wait for her on Sunday mornings or when we’re preparing for an event. Watching her gave me an appreciation for the art of applying and wearing make-up, and also showed me that there were certain applications for certain occasions.

  4. I have that kind of relationship with my daughter, but not with my mom. My mom and I are sorta close but nowhere near the level of closeness that I share with my daughter.

  5. My mom wasnt much of a make up person

  6. I remember seeing my mom put make up on, but she never showed me how. I love both of those women. They’re both amazing and inspiring.

  7. What a wonderful relationship they have. I only recently learned that Goldie was Kate’s mom.

  8. Aww this is so sweet. I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom till I got older, but I’m so happy I do now!

  9. What a sweet video! They really seem to have a wonderful relationship! I hope one day when I have a child, they will grow up and we will have a relationship like this!

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