Baby Monthly Stickers – Celebrate Milestones with Photos

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Baby Monthly Stickers – Celebrate Milestones with Photos

Look at that handsome boy, ahhh I could stare at these pictures all day! Today I wanted to share these Baby Monthly Stickers called My First Holiday Belly Milestone Stickers and Month by month stickers I have used for Clay! Each holiday you can showcase the My First Christmas, Halloween, etc. And the monthly ones just have how many months they are that month! My sister in law bought these for me when I was pregnant! I have used them through the whole first year, we have this month and Clay will officially be one on the 20th! WOW how time flies!

I love being able to look at the pictures see the stickers and know exactly what month he was or which holiday we were celebrating! It is great for the baby books you might create, so you will never forget the day!

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Celebrate baby's milestones by taking photos with baby monthly stickers. You can commemorate both each month of age, as well as their first holidays!

As Clay got older, sometimes he didn’t want to have it on his tummy so I would stick it on a stuffed animal, the wall or wherever and it worked fine that way! He always wanted to tear it off when he learned how and eat it! They have so many different designs to choose from when it comes to these stickers, it makes it fit anyones style preference!

Baby Monthly Stickers – Milestone Stickers for Babies 

 First Year Monthly Month Stickers My First Holiday Monthly Baby Stickers Monthly Holiday Stickers First Holidays Milestones


I wanted to share some of the ones I thought were fun for both monthly and holidays! They have tons more to choose from, and they are very affordable! As you can see I have used them a lot, and I love to recommend these! They truly do make wonderful gifts for expecting moms and will be welcome at any baby shower!

Celebrate baby's milestones by taking photos with baby monthly stickers. You can commemorate both each month of age, as well as their first holidays!
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Get the Kids Ready for Easter with 40-70% Off at Gymboree!

It seems like spring has just barely started, but nevertheless Easter will be here very soon! Have you started to plan Easter outfits for your little ones? If you haven’t, you’re actually in luck because that means you will be able to shop Gymboree’s BIG sale to find the perfect Easter clothing for your little boy or girl.

Right now Gymboree is running an amazing sale with everything on their site from 40% to 70% off! That means you will be able to easily put together an Easter outfit for $30 or less. For a little girl that would mean a dress for $14.99 plus add in a hat, headband or other accessories and still stay under $20. Shop carefully and you will likely be below the $20 mark!

Floral DressFloral DressStraw Sun HatStraw Sun HatCappy Day OutfitCappy Day Outfit

We spotted lots of cute sundresses for girls and casual slacks and shirts for boys. This is the time of year to break out those pastels and pretty finishing touches!

We shared a few of our favorites above, let us know what you end up choosing to dress up your little one this Easter season!

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Holiday Gift Idea – BiGR Audio Madison Ave White Leather Headphones!

MUST HAVE – Madison Ave White Leather Headphones from BiGR Audio bigr audio

My goodness these Madison Ave White Leather Headphones from BiGR Audio are absolutely amazing! I love that they are a stylish design and work really well at allowing you to hear crisp sounds! The headphones have a really nice padding on the inside, so they are soft to the ears. A lot of times I struggle finding headphones that don’t hurt my ears.

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The headphones did come with a cable that is built-in call answer button and microphone. So if you are watching a movie or whatever and you get a call you can easily answer the phone and talk still with the headphones on! It is a hassle when you don’t have that option and have to rush to unplug the headphones and get them off to answer the phone! It is a really nice option!

Madison Ave White Leather Headphones


The headphones come in a really stunning bamboo wooden box! I loved this idea! This would make a great gift for someone and you would have a stunning box to present it to the person! Inside the box the headphones were in a little cloth bag, so they were well protected! I love that I can use this box to store them in when I am not using them! 

The quality of sound with these headphones on is really nice. It does block out a lot of sound going on around you. I had the tv on and put the headphones on to watch some videos for work, and I couldn’t really hear anything but what was being said on the video! I truly would recommend these if you are looking to buy a good set of headphones! 

BigR Audio


If you are interested in buying a pair of headphones from BigR Audio, I think you will enjoy them. They offer tons of styles to fit any style need! Awesome company, for sure!!!

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Kids Projection Alarm Clock – Dinosaur, Cat, or Dog!

Big Red Rooster Has the Cutest Kid Projection Alarm Clocks! 

I received this clock as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

kids projection alarm clock

If you are in the market for a kids projection alarm clock, then check out this one from Big Red Rooster! I decided on the dinosaur clock for Clay, I thought it was really cute! We got this alarm clock to put in Clay’s room, so that he has a clock in there. But the neat thing is that this clock has a projector on it, so you can turn it on and off. It will project the time and a dinosaur on to the ceiling! You are able to select a timer if you want for how long it projects to the ceiling, 10 0r 30 minutes! It does offer 4 Dinosaur Images: Diabloceratops, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus and Pterodactyl, Ampelosaurus! I tried taking a picture of it, but I couldn’t get my camera not to use the flash.

Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock- What Every Kid Wants! 


The clock display itself is really nice, it took me just seconds to get the time set. It comes with a manual that is easy to read and the instructions are very clear! As for the alarm we won’t use it for awhile till Clay gets bigger, but I tried it out to see how it sounded. It was nice and loud and will do the job of waking up your kiddo’s!

dinosaur clock

I do highly recommend this, because it is a fun piece to have in your room that serves a purpose. Have a clock for your kid, but also looks really cute!


Head over to Big Red Rooster and shop for your projection clock today! They have multiple ones to choose from, that will fit your child’s preference!


1 Lucky Reader will Win any one of the projection alarm clocks! This giveaway is open to US residents only, and will end on 10/23 at 11:59 p.m. Est. I will choose the winner using Rafflecopter, which draws a winner at random. I will contact you via email, and you will have 48 hours to respond with your contact information or I will then choose a new winner. ChicnSavvy Review’s is not responsible for prize fulfillment if the sponsor fails to ship prize. Allow 6-8 weeks for prize delivery.

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Wee Blessing – Amazing Styling for Your Kids

Kids Fashion Personalized for your Child at Wee Blessing

I received these items as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Wee Blessing Children Styles

If you have never heard of Wee Blessing, you are missing out! This company is absolutely amazing. Not only are they super professional, but the clothes are wonderful. We are all busy in this chaotic world we live in. Why not have a personal stylist for your kids? It will save you so much time, because they deliver it right to your door.

Kaylyn was so excited when I told her that she was going to be getting some new clothes from Wee Blessing. When the box of clothes arrived she screamed with excitement. Inside the box there was a personalized note to her. How amazing is that? Kids love mail and for them to take the time to hand write a note to her was so thoughtful. With technology and social media, making things feel more personal and sincere sometimes get lost. It’s so refreshing that Wee Blessing is making that extra effort to make each child feel special.

Wee Blessing

Wee Blessing Wonderful Quality

The quality of the clothing was so wonderful. I have never ordered clothing in a format like this and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when we started looking through all of the clothes. The clothing included 4 outfits and in the box were:

A dress by My Michelle Girls

OshKosh Bigash T-shirt

90 degree by Reflex Girls Shorts

A dress by Lilt

Pair of Levi’s Denim Leggings

3/4 sleeve t-shirt by Mudd

wee blessing clothing

How It Works

When you sign up for Wee Blessing you will just need to fill out the Create Your Style Profile. You can really personalize it to each of your children with their likes and dislikes. They have clothing for newborns up to the age of 14. Wee Blessing did a great job with Kaylyn’s profile to really match her style. After you fill out your Style Profile then they begin sending you packages with 4 outfits in each package. You will save 40% – 80% off retail prices. That is amazing! You then choose which items you want to keep and your credit card will only be charged for those items. Just send anything you don’t want back. The best part is if that you decide to keep everything in your box you can save an additional 10% off the already discounted clothes. 

Kids Clothing

I asked Kaylyn to tell me what she loved about the clothes. She stated that she loves how comfortable each outfit is. She loves twirling in the dresses and she said that they did such a great job picking clothes out just for her. I asked her if there was anything that she didn’t like and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me that she loved everything about them.

If you have ever considered a clothing subscription service, I highly recommend Wee Blessing. They will give you a one of a kind experience, send you amazing clothes and personalize the styles to each of your children.

kids clothing subscription service

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